"...I have been doing CrossFit since February and it is absolutely AMAZING! Of course the first rule of CrossFit is to never shut up about CrossFit, which isn’t hard because I love it so much. The coaches, Craig and Ryan are awesome, knowledgeable, and very skilled (to say the least). The positive environment and vibes you get form the coaches and your fellow athletes are astounding, especially when you’re so close to reaching your next PR or completing a WOD. Never, have I ever been this dedicated to physical fitness or my overall well being. It motivates me to get going and stay committed. When I started I couldn’t even begin to think about doing a squat related to chronic knee issues. Now, with the strength I am building, I can squat nearly 100lbs! Not to mention I am down over 16 inches. Those are just a few accomplishments for me! These changes didn’t happen overnight, but I have enjoyed every single day that it has taken me to get to this point!"

--Angela Kane

"...I have never been an athlete and I have always been a quitter when it comes to exercise. That was my life before CrossFit. At my first class, I didn't do so well and I was only able to get in one round of the WOD. I thought to myself "What the hell am I doing here?" But every class since has given me more confidence that I can do this. The best part about CrossFit for me is that if I have to I can scale the WOD to fit my strength and ability levels. I don't have to be an hardcore athlete but I still work as hard as one. I get the same accomplished feeling at the end. I don't compete with anyone else but me. I can't say enough about my coaches. Their attention to proper form and their positive attitudes make it possible and fun to get through a tough class. Many times I have heard a coach's encouraging words in my ear as I strive to lift a heavier weight or finish a workout. They never let me give up on myself. They have taught me to believe in my own abilities and strength. That kind of positive atmosphere is what CrossFit is all about. We are family, we believe in each other, we don't quit when it gets tough, and we laugh a lot. Because of CrossFit, I can honestly call myself an athlete now and quitting is no longer an option."

--Jeni Pearce

"...I was a little intimated at first. When I started foundations the coaches were very knowledgeable and made sure you were correct in forms. When I started regular classes I was nervous. The other athletes were friendly and supportive. It makes it easy to go back each time and feels like a big family. Keep up the great work Crossfit Galena."

--Scott Wernet

"...Best thing I have ever done!! Chronic body aches are gone, previous intake of 9 ibruprofin a day is no longer needed, energy level is up and best part is pant size is down! I have never attended a class or a gym where there is so much 1 on 1 training! Everything is scaled to your ability! If this 48 year old can do it, you can too!!"

--Tami Soat‎

"...I was 'that' person.. I didn't like crossfit, 'claimed' it was bad for your body, thought inside I could never do it, and even said multiple times i would never do it! I am proud to say I am a hypocrite! All my accusations were out of fear, doubt and misunderstanding and partially jealousy because Evan had been rocking it for almost a year. At Galena Crossfit we aren't training to be on ESPN, we work out to 'be better than yesterday'. I as so happy I overcame my fear and gave it a try 6 months ago. Our athletes and coaches are amazing supporters! I'm not going to promise it'll be easy, but do promise it will be worth it!"

--Tracy Berning‎